Why Green?


At Earthscapes, has been the #1 green painting company in Boulder since 2010

Green can mean a lot of different things to different people. Perhaps you are on a project and you are trying to accumulate LEEDS points, or perhaps a person in the space has a chemical sensitivity. We work with product manufacturers who provide products with minimal impact, and we know what works and what is more marketing than reality. If short term out gassing or return to service is your concern, we offer solutions. Was your home built before 1979? If it is, lead may be an issue; we are licensed to deal with that quickly and safely. Call Earthscapes, the green residential painter in Boulder, at (303) 919-1081 today!

Green Tips

After years of experience with green painting techniques, we have come up with a list of tips to help our customers. Take a look and follow these steps to be safe, smart, and eco-friendly with your paint.

Green Tip 01

#1: Dont dump it.

Completely dried latex paint can be disposed of in your landfill. Dry the paint by spreading it out on a disposable substrate, or mixing kitty litter into containers of wet paint at a 1/1 ratio. Oil based paint, whether dried or wet needs to be disposed of with Household Hazardous Waste (See tip 7).

Green Tip 02

#2: Prevent lead exposure.

As of April 22, 2010 all contractors in remodeling trades who work in homes built before 1978 are required to take the EPA’s course to use lead safe practices in any home where lead paint is being disturbed. Lead exposure is a serious health issue, especially for pregnant women and children under 6 years old. Please insist that your contractor follows these simple and easy processes to ensure your family’s health.

Green Tip 03

#3: Seal it before you store it.

To properly close a can of paint for long- term storage, make sure the rim is clean of paint, and use a rubber mallet if possible to close the can tightly. A hammer is more likely to dent the can and prevent a good seal. Most paint should last 3 years or longer when stored in a climate controlled environment, but if the best you can do is store paint in an unheated garage, try and store it along the outside of a wall that gets heated.

 Green Tip 04

#4: Mark it before you store it.

Before storing paint cans, use a marker to record where each paint can got used. in a few years, this will help you find out what this rouge can of paint is for. Earthscapes painting can provide each customer with a pdf file or paper document explaining each product, finish, color, and color formula for each substrate we coat for you.

Green Tip 05

#5: Re-use old paint.

It is a great way to prevent good product from filling up our landfills or using our tax dollars at a hazardous waste processing facility. High School Drama departments, places of worship, and the Habitat for Humanity are some examples of places that might be able to use old paint product. Earthscapes periodically hosts re-used paint sales. Check back on our site often to see when the next sale is.


#6: Keep wet paint out of the trash.

One of the main reasons liquid latex paint can’t be disposed of in your trash is because trash trucks compact their haul and puncture the cans. As a result, wet latex paint gets all over the inside of the truck, and often leaks out of the truck and gets on the road.

Green Tip 07

#7: Dispose of your old paint safely.

Bring it to the Boulder county Household Hazardous Waste facility : 720.564.2220

Green Tip 08

#8: Follow label instructions.

Most exterior paint contains ingredients to act as a mildicide or fungicide. These have minimal impact on humans when applied according to manufacturer’s directions, but can cause serious (and often immediate) health issues when used improperly, especially indoors.