With years of experience as residential painters for Boulder county and metro Denver homeowners, we’ve had chances to try every product that’s been run out there, and play with every different trick of the trade when it comes to substrate preparation and application. We are very familiar with Boulder communities in North, South and Central Boulder. We are able to compliment the look and feel of your Boulder neighborhood while making your home look unique.

The basics are simple, we need a clean, dry substrate and any previous coatings need to be firmly attached. If old coatings peel, they’ll certainly take any new coatings with them. If it’s a porous surface, we may prime to fill it in a bit; if it’s really shiny or slick, we may prime to gain adhesion. Once that’s done we topcoat, and that’s where things get interesting.

Maybe you want to know how you can go green. We’ve got answers to all your green questions. Maybe you want to know what Passionate Plum will look like on your trim before you commit. We’ll help you try it out. Perhaps there’s a house in your neighborhood that’s just the color you’re looking for. With our years of experience as residential painters in boulder, we can match it.

We understand how to work around the most delicate gardens, we capture all of the refuse we create, and we work around the most demanding schedules, all while using the lowest impact and longest lasting coatings options available.