Deck Finishes

In Colorado, decks provide some of the most interesting challenges that a coatings contractor runs into.  Our high altitude exposure to ultraviolet, coupled with regular snow load and rain, along with extreme changes in temperature and humidity can put clear finishes on wood through some vigorous tests.

The Colorado lifestyle is more about enjoying your deck than maintaining it, and the substrate can quickly fall into disrepair long before the decision is made to address the issue.  As experienced residential painters, our team is well prepared for this situation.

Coatings solutions for decks can vary from the newest technologies to the oldest, depending on the condition of your deck, the usage patterns, and the exposure levels. Often, even the wood species will figure into the coatings system selection.  Whether your deck requires a water based sealer to aggressively attach to sound wood, or a penetrating oil to shore up degraded boards from the inside, Earthscapes can provide options for your deck, and your unique situation.  If your deck requires a pressure wash, a resurfacing sanding, or a biologically friendly wood brightener, Earthscapes, your Colorado deck finish specialist, has the coatings solution to get your summer barbecues back on stunning wood, more beautiful than the day it was installed.

Call today to set up a free estimate and let the deck experts from Earthscapes beautify your yard.