Mother’s day is in just a few days, enough time to buy a card, but doesn’t a homemade gift mean so much more to our moms? Nothing is more special than a homemade gift that mom or grandma can keep for years to come. Change it up this year, use your old paint chips to make your homemade gift, and celebrate the moms in your life with a little color!

Paint Chip Flowers 1) Flowers

Flowers are a classic gift for moms, but it’s always a bummer when they wilt. Skip that problem entirely and make your flowers from paint chips. Get creative and craft mom’s favorite flower with her favorite colors, and put it in a glass jar for added effect. Your mom will love it, and better yet, she can keep those flowers forever!

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Paint Chip Bookmark 2) Bookmarks

If your mom is a bookworm, she’ll love a colorful, creative bookmark for Mothers’ Day. Take a standard paint chip, punch a hole in it to, tie a decorative cloth into the hole, and draw a unique design with a felt tip pen. If you’ve got a touch of artistic skill in you, this bookmark will be a wonderful personal gift for any mom in your life.

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99da0fe22737a3bd1036072475e106f43) Jewelry box

If you got your mom a little necklace, earrings, or ring this gift will be a perfect way to surprise her while saving some money. She’ll never expect her new earrings to come from a paint chip box! Create a little jewelry box with a paint chips then fill it with cotton balls to keep your present safe. Finally, deliver it to mom and watch her smile as she opens up her surprise!

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Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 4.39.14 PM4) Ombre Earrings

If store bought jewelry is a little out of your price range, consider making some homemade earrings for mom. These fun colorful earrings will pair nicely with her spring and summer attire. Nothing is a better talking point than jewelry and your mom will love talking about your thoughtful, fun gift!

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5573f96df3223ddc937c1fcdeed1fde85) Coasters

Some moms are very tidy. If your mom is anything like mine she will appreciate a gift that will match her decor as well as keep me from staining the coffee table. Figure out a color that will match mom’s living room and cut it into a circle, then give it a couple of layers of modge podge to keep the paint chip from falling apart from being wet and voila! You’ve got a great gift that matches the living room decor.

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49392a4637eff6818ff52d5c913afeac6) Baby Mobile

If the mother is your life is a new mom, consider a gift that she and the little one can enjoy. Create a homemade mobile for the changing table that will baby mesmerized (and still) while you change that diaper. Your mom or wife will appreciate it and so will the baby!

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23619211ddcdf80bda1dac65773cde5f7) Mother’s Day Card

Maybe you want to keep it simple and stick to a homemade card. If you’re thinking of popping by the drugstore to grab a boring overdone card, think again! With a variety of colors, and a heart shaped paper puncher, you can say “I love you” in every color of the rainbow. This gift is fast, easy, and personal so that mom knows how much you care.

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Canvas Paint Chip Moose8) Canvas Art

With a touch of creativity and resourcefulness, you could make a handful of paint chips into a beautiful modern piece of art. Trace mom’s favorite animal on a painted canvas, and use your paint chips to make the image come to life! Be sure to paint the canvas a neutral color, or a color that complements your paint chip selection. This type of present could live on mom’s wall for years to come.

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monogram paint chip art9) Monogram Art

Give mom a gift with a touch of class for mother’s day with a monogrammed paint chip art piece. Choose a variety of colors that complement each other and cut them out in circles, placing them in a pattern on a piece of printer paper. Mom will love putting this at her desk or by the bed in a nice picture frame!

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Paint Chip Gift Tag

10) Gift Tags

If you got your mom something and need a gift tag, just use a paint chip and a special hole puncher or pair of scissors. If your mom has a creative side to her, it might just be the special touch you need to make her day perfect!

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Every mom is unique, so if you have any unique ideas, share with us and we will share it in our next blog post and our pinterest board!